“ If all the bees will died – people will have four years live. “

Albert Einstein


From 2013 actively support the Greenpeace action in the protection and development of swarms of bees.


UN says about a hundred species of crops that produce 90 percent. zjadanej our food. This is as many as 71 species of bees pollinate. There are various estimates of the scale of talking about the benefits of economy of working bees and other pollinating insects. One of them was quoted as saying on the website of the European Environment Agency (EEA) says about 190 billion dollars. annually. In Europe alone, the bees pollinate as much as 84 percent. crops, giving a year – according to the calculations of the European Commission – almost 16 billion euros of income.

Bees not only provide continuity of crops and produce honey, but produce products with healing properties. Produced by propolis – due to the bactericidal effects – for centuries used against colds and periodontitis and diseases of the digestive system. The kit bee accelerates healing, tissue regeneration and helps in the treatment of burns. While other bee products, flower pollen and bee bread, help treat gastrointestinal disease, prostate or haematopoietic system. Bee venom (secreted during stings) is used in the treatment of rheumatic diseases and allergic.



In our online reality we sometimes forget about the environment, but my window is  always open to the world in which I live. That’s why I want to help! It is good to remember that the nature and ecology is in tandem with the business, where you can also make a money online within.

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