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3 steps when your online business (revshare) got stuck - how to deal with it ?

3 steps when your online business (revshare) got stuck - how to deal with it ? .

Nobody likes mornings like that :  you wake up, the day begins, you click the button Withdraw and get a red card. The latest update from My Advertising Pays (MAPS), in short - does not pay - ( at this moment). In your head,  the words are chasing one another: SCAM, the risk, pyramid scheme, fraud and other popular epithets of businesses such revshare. Then you are reach of leaders or experts, with their opinions. But what is the most important for us in online businesses - there is Instant Payment. But not promises, saying what and how it will look in a year, or how much you grow, but the basic access to what you can withdraw at any time.

Got stuck - High LevelTraffic Monsoon - 8 months (blocked by SEC),  My Advertising Pays - 30days with no payouts (under progress)LikesXL ( 7days awaiting),  Click Intensity - (3-5days awaiting);

Instant Payout : 

FutureNet - Instant Payout 

FutureAdpro - Instant Payout

Recyclix (15%/5weeks) - Instant Payout 

Sales of electronic products in affiliate programs globally across the network -  without limit.

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What do you think ? Why I have a favicon - bee ?

“ If all the bees will died - people will have four years live. “

Albert Einstein


From 2013 actively support the Greenpeace action in the protection and development of swarms of bees.

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