3 steps when your online business (revshare) got stuck – how to deal with it ? .

Nobody likes mornings like that :  you wake up, the day begins, you click the button Withdraw and get a red card. The latest update from My Advertising Pays (MAPS), in short – does not pay – ( at this moment). In your head,  the words are chasing one another: SCAM, the risk, pyramid scheme, fraud and other popular epithets of businesses such revshare. Then you are reach of leaders or experts, with their opinions. But what is the most important for us in online businesses – there is Instant Payment. But not promises, saying what and how it will look in a year, or how much you grow, but the basic access to what you can withdraw at any time.

Got stuck – High LevelTraffic Monsoon – 8 months (blocked by SEC),  My Advertising Pays – 30days with no payouts (under progress)LikesXL ( 7days awaiting),  Click Intensity – (3-5days awaiting);

Instant Payout : 

FutureNet – Instant Payout 

FutureAdpro – Instant Payout

Recyclix (15%/5weeks) – Instant Payout 

Sales of electronic products in affiliate programs globally across the network –  without limit.

1. Quick decission – fast action


If you have not noticed symptoms of getting blindness (problems inside or outside of the exact company) and dissected before their funds (see diversification). It’s a quick lesson you have to rewrite. Organizing money and buying a “Prozac” or turn on a series. “Again, I did not work out,” You can also start something new measures in the bonus at the start of the company for example 20euro w Recyclix or even with no investment,  by joining to the team of FutureNet.

2. Change the teacher, and learn new things.

Armed with a new experience – see the first point. There are Internet businesses and opportunities, which you can start from scratch, and preferably in several places at once.

3. Every business you in, are depends on your actions.

Build your business on the experience of your own and the others. Every business also revhsare depends on the action, so I do not recommend sitting in a hammock and just clicking on 10 ads only.I do recommend status – you get up in the morning and you’re doing. Each of us is a leader. Is Traffic Monsoon and My Advertising Pays shall pay me a goodly sum? – I do not have time today to think about it, the moment is not up to me. I click on at least three other buttons, take two new orders for the weekend and go shopping.